Goodbye, tumblr.

We have a real website now, you see. It really isn’t you; it’s us. Kthanxbai. 


You can download our latest issues at BCROUNDTABLE.WORDPRESS.COM. 

What does this mean for the tumblr? Not sure. In the meantime, go to our wordpress and get ye some news (and features, entertainment, horoscopes by Marion Barry, advice from your life coaches on Peet 4th, the return of the sex column, and more)! 

WBCR covers Pitchfork!

So I never thought I’d tell this to anyone but….I’m a Pitchfork virgin. Yes dear Tumblr’ers little Bebe has never been to Pitchfork before, but can you blame me? Going to high school in Colorado makes it awfully hard to think about driving 2000 miles to see someone whose claim to fame is reaching…

WAY TO GO, WBCR. Keep it hip. Y’all are awesome (and such faithful reporters)! 

Vuvuzela Concerto in B Flat. 
(courtesy of — more specifically,

Vuvuzela Concerto in B Flat. 

(courtesy of — more specifically,

Bonus: a timeline

A brief history of "The Round Table," courtesy of the Beloit College Archives & Beloit College Magazine